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     月島校プリスクール:毎週月曜日・水曜日・金曜日 10:00

    We are offering a Pick-Up service for those who are interested in joining

    our Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes at Tsukishima Preschool.




    We are offering this pick-up service to help students commute to Rivercity’s Tsukishima Preschool.


    We only offer this service for our Tsukishima School.


    We do not offer this service on Saturdays.



    Depending on the day and time, there are cases where we can not pick-up in your desired area.


    Considering the number of students, distance, and time-span, we will decide the final pick-up

    service route.





    If you would like a free trial, please notify us by filling out this form.



      1. 小学生以上、大人の英会話クラスでも無料体験をお受けしております。

        We are offering free trial English classes to elementary students and even adults.

        (お問い合わせ時間 月~土曜日 10:00~18:00 メールは24時間受付中

        Inquiry hours are from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 – 18:00, mail is accepted 24hr a day.


        Since you will be observing a regular class, the number of people are limited.


        Please note the capacity can fill up quickly.