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    Blog "Alex's Preschool Diary" Rivercity English School

    School Diary
    Being someone who used to struggle with concentrating in class, I realize it has a lot to do with the involvement during the lessons. I strive to keep the children involved at all times by getting each of them a chance to express themselves. Attention span could be really short, especially amongst children.
    Once they feel like they are a part of the lesson, they learn quicker aside from having fun! Even simple actions like giving them a high five for answering or volunteering could give them a sense of involvement. Children are naturals at expressing themselves without hesitating. For that reason, it is great to get them to volunteer in class at a young age to build their confidence.
    People in general are very responsive towards colors music and movement. After going through a bunch of flashcards and Q&A during circle time, I usually get my kids to dance – and they love it! Getting them up and moving keeps their mind sharp while also having a blast dancing to their favorite songs. Some children even start requesting for songs to dance to!
    All in all, it is all about keeping the young learner’s mind sharp at all times by involving them in class by participation, movement and to encourage them to volunteer.