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    Blog "Jessica's Diary – English Pronuciation"

    School Diary
    上歯ぐきにつけて上前歯を押すように発音します。 vとfは、基本的同じ発声法です。上の歯で下唇を軽く押さえ
    Jessicaから、日本人には難しいr, l, v, fの発音の仕方のアドバイスです。
    Pronunciation is an important part of learning languages. If we fail to do so, the listener may not understand what we are saying! Pronouncing words with the letters r, l, v and f can be difficult for Japanese children because these sounds don’t exist in Japanese.
    Here is an easy way to practice the difference between r and l. When saying a word with the letter r, point your finger as you say the word. When saying a word with the letter l swiftly lift your tongue straight up to touch the roof of your mouth when l is positioned as the last letter. Bring your tongue down from the roof if l is positioned as the first letter. Remember your tongue should not be pulling back. Just straight up and down near your front teeth..
    Brace yourself for v and f; you will have to show teeth. To pronounce v, make sure you are showing all those white pearly teeth. If you forget to do so, you will make van sound like ban. As for f, do the same thing as you did before, while moving your body forward. Its like blowing out birthday candles through your teeth.
    Using our bodies helps us visualise the word we are pronouncing. Amazingly, this is precisely what helps correct pronunciation as well! Hope these tips helps with your English pronunciation!