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    Blog "Jessica’s school diary" Rivercity English School


    Teamwork is a great lesson to learn from a young age. Through teamwork activities, children learn how to gather information and support one another.

    During Kinder classes, children are often split students into small groups of 2 to 4 to do activities. Over the course of a few weeks one begins to see the children assisting each other, for example, when spelling and reading words.

    This is also a great chance to teach children how to be patient. With multiple children in a group, each child has to wait their turn to express their opinion and show of their skills.

    Children who know more have to be patient and teach those who know less. Vice versa, those who know less in the targeted area have to listen tentatively to those who know more. Normally each child has different strengths to offer; making the exchange perfect!
    Seeing children build on top of each other`s knowledge is awesome.

    Way to go kids, keep it up!