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    Blog "Learning Numbers by Jenny" Rivercity English School

    School Diary
    Learning numbers is an important part of early math learning. Being able to count to ten is considered a hallmark of preschool knowledge. It is important for kids to not only recite the numbers parrotlike but also know the value behind numbers, this is what we call number sense. Keys for number sense are recognation, counting, quantification, addition and substraction.
    To practice those keys I like to use different approaches. While learning the numbers in english with counting songs, I also like to use a chart showing the numbers 1 to 10 for the recognation and visualization. Afterwards I like to ask each student random numbers to show me on the chart.
    I ask them questions like “How many students are in class today?” or “How many chairs there are?” such questions help the students to understand Quantification, meaning that numbers are a specific amount.
    To help the students to understand, that numbers can be manipulated and the amount can be changed, I ask them questions related to daily situations such as “What do I get if I have four strawberries and eat two of them?” or “How many students are there, if two stundents are already in class and one more arrives?” this is the first step to learn addition and substraction for basic math.