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    Blog "Making Smoothies" Rivercity English School

    School Diary
    Kids learn by doing and taking part in activities. Last month, one of the things we did in Kinder in-line with our Health theme was making fruit and vegetable smoothies in class. Aside from promoting healthy eating habit, this activity also aimed to encourage cooperation, improve social skills and self-regulation, and to learn simple math skill.
    First, we asked the students if they had tried smoothies before and what their favorites were. Next, we showed them a short video clip of how to make different kinds of smoothies and asked them which one they would like. Then we talked about the ingredients and the steps involved in the process, and asked them a few questions about fruit and vegetables. Lastly, the kids lined-up and took turns putting all the ingredients into the blender and turning the blender’s knob with the teacher’s supervision, until all the ingredients were blended. The classroom was filled with giggling and excitement as the students patiently wait their turns in line. In the end, everyone got to enjoy a cup of healthy smoothie for snack and gave a feedback how it was.
    Making smoothies was one of the most exciting activities we did in Kinder last month. Kids were involved and proactive, and learning was fun and memorable.